I must kill

What have happened?

Meow everyone!

Don’t worry, we didn’t dissapear! In last few weeks we were enjoying the Anvend times you know… Just like everybody else. And we are still enjoying untill the New year’s eve!

But now? We are starting to work hard on the game of course! Please keep in your minds, that we are creating the game in our FREE TIME, we AREN’T PAYED CREATORS. So please, be patient with us and we will do our bests to finish the game.

But now – what have changed since last post?

Our game is now avaiable on STEAM platform and it in the EARLY ACCESS status! Check it out, if you’re curious and if you didn’t it already. We’ve done some updates already. Feel free to report any glitches or bugs, it helps us to polish the game. It is also the main reason, why the game is in the EARLY ACCESS. You can’t do much there now, but it will be better! Also we don’t want to spoil too much in this build. You know… You have to wait, but we hope it will worth it!

Steam link:

Update 1:
– Upgraded “cellar scene” 
You can now check the new look of whole scene. 

– Fixed movement in all scenes 
There was some weird movements on scenes (include character zooming). 
There is still some glitches – will be fixed. 

– Added animations to “bedroom scene”. 
You can now check new animations. 

This is changelog from yesterday. 
Today will be ready new update (we try to put updates and fixes every day).

Update 2:
– Fixed additional reported glitches (zooming outside scenes, flying in attic) with main character. 

Very thanks for helpful screenshots in community hub! You are all awesome!

Update 3:
We added first scene from “Intro” 
In version 0.06 we want to release a fully functional intro. 
This is just a first piece. 
You can also interact (look at) with some object in intro. 

Thank you for your valuable feedback! 

(The whole “Intro” is already done but needs some polish before release – new music and graphic.)

Update 4:
Just a quick small update to previous version.
Changed character font to our default “I must kill” font.
Fixed small glitch with parking sing and the actor.
Added cutscene to intro scene.

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