We are fully independent and non-commercial game studio which is composed of two members (the boyfriend and the girlfriend) and games are our big passion.

Our games will be always FREE and avaiable for everyone on platforms like STEAM,, and maybe more.

Unfortunately this milestones can’t be reached from pure enthusiasm and therefore we had created Patreon account, where you can support us.

We truly appreciate any help and your help will allow us to do games for you and anyone else for free and as long as possible.

We are not slackers which would run away with the money and didn’t show the flag! We are periodically updating all content and we will answer anybody’s question and we are constantly trying to move on!

You will never find Pay 2 Win content in our games and we will never create a cheap and useless product just for donate earnings! Everything must be according to our ideas!

So if you WANT to support us with any amount of money, we will be very grateful!

Link to our Patreon: