I must kill Update progress

I must kill… – Game version 0.03

Welcome to our game DEV report! Let’s see what has changed and what’s new!

Version 0.03 changelog

  • Added Butcher’s car on the first playable scene
  • Added terror tree animation (outside and inside)
  • Added animated night sky on the first playable scene
  • Upgraded grass on the first playable scene
  • Changed tree locations
  • Visible house entry on the second scene
  • Added items, which will be used in the future
  • Added shadows on the second scene
  • Non-visible and secret upgrades

What next?

  • Working on the 1st floor of the victorian house (will be for testing in ver. 0.04)
  • Working on the scenario
  • Working on the music
  • Working on the details

Link to download I must kill ver.: 0.03:

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