I must kill The making of...

Game DEV sneak peak #2

Here are few veeery bad and rough sketches of the rooms of the 1st floor. Everything will be polished soon. And don’t forget to check our social medias, because the ver. 0.03 of the game will be soon avaiable for testing on Dropbox!

1st floor, scene 1

1st floor, scene 2

1st floor, scene 3

I must kill Update progress

Game DEV sneak peak #1

If I was her, I woudn’t hide it that creepy house…

This is a part of game’s intro. Do you know what happened before? No? Stay tuned and don’t forget to watch our website or any of social medias, that you prefer (fb, patreon, devianart, youtube, twitter…)


I must kill Update progress

I must kill… – Game version 0.02

In this version we added some animations to first playable scene near the farm. We also upgraded all actual scenes from previous version.

English DEV Video:

Version 0.02 changelog

  • Added forest animation on the first scene
  • Added cloud animation on the first scene
  • Added wood planks on windows
  • Added branches over and through the farm house
  • Cellar scene upgrade
  • New invetory (like used rusty blade)
  • Main menu – Credits – New active links to all important sites and contacts
  • Main menu – Kill-o-pedia – Finished with sound effect (text needs some tweaks in future)

Czech DEV Video:

I must kill Update progress

I must kill… – Butcher’s first steps – Game version 0.01

Here is a short preview video of our adventure game I must kill… In this video you can see first movement mechanics of main protagonist and first playable scenes. Future updates comming soon!